One MSC Donor – Many Patients

A major advantage of MSC is their low immunogenicity due to the limited expression of antigen-presenting molecules on the cell surface. For this reason, MSC can be isolated from a healthy donor and used to produce multiple doses of MSC therapeutics to treat many unrelated patients. This means that:

  • no HLA-matching between the donor and the patient is needed;
  • no transplant rejection will be provoked in the patient who is receiving the cell drug produced from allogeneic MSC derived from an unrelated donor.

apceth Biopharma exploits this unique feature to create an allogeneic therapeutic platform, based entirely on genetic engineering of MSC isolated from healthy voluntary donors. To this end we have established a donor registry, which guarantees a continuous supply of starting materials in pharmaceutical grade quality. The donor registry secures the sustained production of cell therapy products.

Allogeneic MSC therapeutic platform enables us to:
  • guarantee complete control over the quality of our cell products;
  • make our innovative cell therapeutics available to patients and physicians at demand as clinic-ready off-the-shelf products;
  • considerably reduce the typically high manufacturing costs of innovative cell therapeutics.