apceth Biopharma’s proprietary cutting-edge platform technology is based on the genetic engineering of allogeneic Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) obtained from healthy individuals. This allows us to guarantee consistent product quality while reducing manufacturing time and costs. Our MSC platform has been clinically validated in autologous setting (two phase I/II clinical trials).

Through the introduction of different therapeutic transgenes into MSC, apceth is developing two potent next generation cell-based gene therapies with an ability to either suppress and control the overactive immune system during inflammation and autoimmune process (apceth™-201 program), or stimulate the suppressed immune system to combat cancer (apceth™-301 program).

In both cases, the mode-of-action is based on synergy between the therapeutic effects of the transgene with the natural properties of MSC, combining in this way the principles of gene therapy and cell therapy.

Through the selection of different transgenes, apceth Biopharma’s MSC-based platform enables the design of off-the-shelf targeted therapies addressing diseases with different pathology.

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