The Cell Therapy Tool-Box

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) have an inherent ability to migrate or “home” to:

  • primary tumors and their metastases;
  • areas of tissue damage and inflammation in the body.

Based on this unique feature, apceth Biopharma has developed a proprietary modular platform for genetically engineered MSC (gmMSC), with the goal of actively targeting tumors and diseased tissue. The main components of our MSC platform are:

  • the cell = MSC;
  • the therapeutic gene.
apceth Biopharma’s MSC can be genetically engineered using different viral vector systems to express any therapeutic gene in the tumor or inflamed tissue.

The therapeutic genes are chosen based on the exact biological mechanisms necessary for the treatment of an individual disease.

After their systemic application (for example by means of intravenous infusion), genetically engineered MSC home to the tumor or the diseased tissue delivering there the therapeutic transgene (“MSC as a shuttle”). If necessary, the expression of the therapeutic gene can be further restricted to the tumor or the diseased tissue by the disease-specific or tissue-specific control element, the gene promoter.

Any therapeutic gene can be introduced into apceth’s MSC in order to generate the targeted cell therapy for a specific disease.


This “tool-box” for cell-based gene therapy enables the efficient design of cell therapy approaches for a variety of medical conditions: cancer, inflammation and autoimmunity, ischemia, fibrosis, chronic wounds, metabolic disorders and so on.