apceth Biopharma’s MSC-based gene therapeutics can be used either:

  • alone as monotherapy;
  • as supportive and bridging therapy;
  • in combination with other innovative therapies as combination therapy, e.g. as a support for genetically engineered immune cells.

An allogeneic MSC platform based on healthy donor MSC will guarantee the highest cell product quality and fast availability of apceth Biopharma cell therapeutics as off-the-shelf products.

In addition to the therapeutic potential of engineered MSC created by the genetic modification of these cells, apceth Biopharma also exploits the inherent regenerative and immunomodulatory potential of unmodified MSC, particularly in the areas of regenerative medicine and immunomodulation.


Major advantages of apceth Biopharma’s genetically engineered MSC:

On-site (in situ) therapeutic effect
  • The therapeutic effect of the transgene is localized in the tumor or in the inflamed tissue (In situ therapeutic effect).
Systemic toxicity and side effects at the whole body level are eliminated or reduced to a minimum
  • As opposed to the standard of care in traditional cancer treatments, as radiotherapy and chemotherapy, or some promising new cancer therapies (immune-oncology CAR-T / TCR therapy, therapeutic antibodies), very few or no side effects are expected after the treatment with apceth Biopharma’s genetically engineered MSC.
Excellent clinical safety profile
  • Available clinical data from apceth Biopharma’s TREAT-ME 1 clinical trial confirm the excellent safety profile of our genetically engineered MSC.
Excellent potential for allogeneic application
  • MSC can be isolated from a healthy donor and used to produce multiple doses of MSC therapeutics to treat many unrelated patients.