We are

  • one of the leading Companies in the development, GMP manufacturing and clinical implementation of innovative cell-based therapeutics in Europe. 
  • a biopharmaceutical company with broad expertise in all aspects of  “Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products” (ATMPs).
  • an experienced and committed team of medical and science specialists guided by respect for human life and health. 
  • an ATMP contract manufacturer with a high degree of professionalism and experience.

You are

  • a patient interested in taking part in one of apceth’s® clinical trials.
  • a medical practitioner searching for new and innovative medical treatments to guide and help your patients.
  • a potential partner or customer from industry or biotech looking for a GMP manufacturing and development solutions for “Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products” (ATMP) or co-development opportunities in cell-based therapeutics.

You benefit from apceth’s®

  • unique and highly innovative cell therapy approaches. 
  • clinical trials with novel cell-based therapeutics and apceth’s®
     experience in clinical trials. 
  • GCP/GMP and related services.
  • proven know-how in the pharmaceutical development, GMP production and clinical implementation of a broad spectrum of cell-based medicinal products (ATMPs). 
  • certified GMP/BSL2 cleanroom manufacturing facilities and an implemented quality management system.