apceth Biopharma is continually working on the development of pioneering therapeutic strategies for cancer therapy, immunomodulation and major chronic diseases.
By using state of-the-art genetic engineering technology, we can introduce different therapeutic transgenes into human MSC, giving them the therapeutically-relevant properties necessary to specifically treat various diseases.

In our approach, apceth Biopharma’s genetically engineered MSC are used as biological shuttles to deliver therapeutic transgenes to the areas of interest in the patient’s body.
In this way our engineered MSC combine

  • the inherent biological features of native MSC (homing to tumors and diseased tissues, immunomodulatory and regenerative capacity), with
  • newly introduced therapeutic features conferred by the therapeutic transgene.

Currently, apceth Biopharma’s preclinical pipeline comprises genetically engineered allogeneic MSC products for the innovative cell-based treatments of

  • type I diabetes.
  • chronic lung and kidney diseases.
  • post-transplantation reactions.
  • solid cancers (also as part of combination therapy with engineered immune cells – immune oncology).